Blackfly’s polarized sunglasses

Announcing our partnership with this cutting-edge brand, and with over 300 days of sunshine in Phoenix, having good quality eyewear is one of the most important articles of apparel for any motorcyclist and their passengers. (Dec.

Ten tips for riding in the rain

Jessa Wells summary on the article, “Riding Tips: Riding in the Rain” (By Woman Rider Staff – 

The future is bright for lady riders

Jessa Wells’ bullet points from a study conducted by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) (By Dalvin Brown, USA TODAY – Nov. 29, 2018)

Starting a female-owned family business

Wells Motorcycle Distributers, LLC owner Jessa Wells, and her husband Joey Wells, were born and raised on bikes, and they have a real passion for riding motorcycles. Article on why they started the business. (By Jessa Wells – Sept. 25, 2018)

Freedom, family and faith

One thing my veteran father-in-law taught me was freedom, family and faith. (By Jessa Wells – Sept. 25, 2018)

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